What We Offer At Orgain Family Vision Care

Comprehensive Care - Neighborhood Convenience

At Orgain Family Vision Care, you get easy access to the latest and the best, including:

  • Examinations, diagnosis and treatment of eye-related conditions
  • The latest frame designs, lens options, contact lenses and specialty lenses
  • Treatment and co-management of all eye conditions and diseases, including referrals to specialists for retina, cornea and refractive surgical interventions.
  • Partnerships with other health care providers to maximize your overall well-being.

Examination Guidelines

We recommend a child's first eye exam take place at age three. Depending upon the results, subsequent exams should be scheduled every year or every other year. Young adults should be examined every two years. Adults over 40 and anyone wearing contact lenses should be examined annually. If your family has a history of eye or other health problems, more frequent visits may be recommended. Please feel free to call on any of our staff whenever you have problems or questions about vision and eye health.

Your First Visit

What happens when you visit our office for the first time? Your visit starts with just a bit of paperwork to collect your health history, insurance details and contact information. Since so many health problems and medications can affect your eyes, knowing more about you and your health will help us serve you better. After the paperwork is complete, the examination begins. During your exam, you're likely to be tested on one or more of the following instruments.

  • The Non-Contact Tonometer measures the pressure in each eye which helps diagnose glaucoma without the need for drops.
  • The Auto-Refractor provides an overview of your refractive error, which tells the doctor what kind of vision problem you have.
  • The Fundus Camera takes a photograph of the back of each eye. This important diagnostic tool is kept in your permanent record as used as a benchmark to monitor changes over time.
  • The Visual Fields Tester is a computer-controlled device that records how your eyes respond to light, revealing abnormalities that could be caused by trauma, stroke or glaucoma.
  • The GDx is our newest instrument for diagnosing early glaucoma before vision changes have taken place. It detects changes or damage to the retina due to glaucoma earlier than any other test or procedure.

After your exam, your doctor will review your test results and recommend the appropriate treatment and/or follow up. He will also discuss your individual visual needs as well as the type of visual correction that will best meet those needs.

Contact Lenses

Think contacts aren't an option for you? Think again! No matter what your age, you can be a successful contact lens wearer. We've fitted patients as young as six and as old as 80! If you're motivated to take care of your lenses, you can be a success. These days, there's a lens to fit every need. From lenses that can be thrown away after a single use to lenses worn day and night for up to one month, contacts make it possible for people who are farsighted, nearsighted, have astigmatism or need bi-focals to experience the freedom of life without glasses. Get contacts designed to meet the demands of your fun golfing, tennis, baseball and watersports. Want to change your look? Get colored contacts to transform or enhance your existing eye color. No matter what you need, we can get it. Because our office has participated in many studies of new and experimental contact designs, we're always among the very first to find out about the newest innovations in eye-related technology.

If you have any interest in trying contact lenses, please don't hesitate to discuss it with a member of our staff. There's a lens that's right for you. Let us help you find it!

Go for it! Once you've decided to try contacts, we'll schedule you for a contact lens consultation to determine what type of lens will work best. For a small contact lens fitting fee, which includes training in the care of lenses, a starter set of supplies and follow-up visits, you'll be on the road to success. If you don't like your new contacts, we'll refund all but the cost of materials within 30 days of your fitting. For your convenience, we stock contact lens solutions and supplies at competitive prices. We maintain a large inventory of lenses as well, and can usually provide immediate replacements or emergency loaner lenses.


With more than 40 years of combined experience, the experts in our full-service dispensary offer the very best in patient care. Get cutting-edge lens technology along with a wide selection of the latest fashion eyewear for everyone in the family. Want your frames to reflect your personality? It's easy with our selection of popular designer frames. Want to explore new territory with progressive lenses, antireflective coatings and transition lenses? How about a pair of prescription sunglasses? Frames to protect your eyes as you engage in work or play? Everything you need is right here! Just make an appointment for your dispensings, adjustments and repairs so that we can serve you quickly with minimal interruption to your busy schedule.